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Ear Protection

Wikmanshyttan Safety manufactures overhead ear muffs and helmet mounted ear muffs. Several components and designs in the various ear protectors are patented. All the ear muffs available on the market today are of passive type, but active ear muffs are under development.

Headband ear muffs are available in three models: HPE, EXC and XLS. The headband of the HPE and EXC models is padded with PE cellular plastic to provide extra comfort. The ear cup application pressure is adjusted using buttons. These ear muffs can be provided with special adapters for mounting eye protection as well as a neck support for extra stability. An additional accessory for overhead ear muffs fitted with eye protection is a fabric shield for protection against particle spray from e.g trimmers.

The XLS model is a basic ear muff without padding or application adjustment. The model can be provided with the same eye protector as the EXC model.

Helmet attachment is available for the HPE, EXC and XLS models. The difference between the HPE and EXC models, helmet mounted and with headband, is that the HPE model is particularly effective against low frequency sound.

Ear protector table of performance/damping value (PDF)


Eye Protection

There are various types of eye protector for use together with Wikmanshyttan Safety ear muffs: Woven metal net, metal lathing, nylon net and clear vision visors in polycarbonate (PC).

Woven metal nets model come in two sizes: 14 and 16 cm, and provides good vision and functionality. The netting is powder coated, which prevents the wires from sliding across each other, ensuring good stability.

The metal lathing model is 16 cm and provides still better vision since the construction itself is perfectly stable eliminating the need for powder coating. This protector also has a plastic net at the lower edge to provide extra protection against particles coming from below.

Clear vision visor in 1.0 mm thick PC is available in sizes 10, 16, 20 and 23 cm. The 20 cm visor is available in 1.5 mm thick PC which provides protection against UV light. There is also a special 20 cm AF/AS model which effectively prevents the formation of condensation on the inside and scratches on the outside of the visor.



Wikmanshyttan Safety manufactures helmets for Husqvarna AB. The H200 helmet is specially designed to suit our ear and eye protectors. The helmets are made for the trademarks Husqvarna, Jonsered and Zenoah. We also supply helmets to the UK company JSP with our ear and eye protectors. These are marketed by Husqvarna under the trademarks Husqvarna, Jonsered and McCulloch.


File Handles

Wikmanshyttan Safety manufactures two types of file handles. One is a patented self-locking model which normally is used with round or flat files for filing motor saw chains and the other model is fitted with a setting fixture and is used for filing clearing saw blades.


Other products

We produce several types of TPU rolls for motor saw chain filing gauges, as well as tape measure housings.